YEN Quality Competition

The Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Wheat Quality Competition, run by ADAS and nabim, recognises the farmers who achieve high yields and excellent milling quality in the same wheat crop, with a long-term aim of increasing milling wheat yield without sacrificing grain quality.

The UK milling industry sponsors the competition and flour mill laboratories mill the flour and conduct quality and baking tests on the competition finalists.

nabim works closely the milling supply chain to tackle challenges that affect sectors across the chain. We also work to improve the performance of the supply chain, through projects such as the Wheat Quality Competition.

Entry Requirements

Any nabim Group 1 variety entered to the YEN Wheat Competition is eligible to enter the Quality Competition. A 5kg sample of grain from the entered field must be retained so that there is sufficient wheat for the milling and baking tests.

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Competition Judging

Entrants are initially judged on the basis of yield, protein yield (protein per hectare), and grain analytical qualities (protein, Hagberg Falling Number and specific weight). The entries that proceed to the second round of testing are cleaned and re-analysed in a cereals laboratory before small-scale milling. The flour is tested and then baked into loaves using a variety of baking systems that are used for Group 1 variety testing. Millers look for overall quality as well as consistency across baking types.

The judges then consider all of the entrants data, but looking particularly at protein yield and baking performance, before selecting the three winners.

Competition Prizes

The three winners are given their prizes at the Milling Wheat Conference, run by AHDB in association with nabim

The winners discuss the approach they took in growing their entry, representing an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange. Additionally, the loaves baked from the entrants who made it through to the second round of the competition will be displayed, so be sure to come along if you want to see bread made from your wheat!

Competition Reports

All entrants receive a report, outlining the testing procedures and the results of the finalists and how your entry compared. The report provides useful insight into what quality means for flour and the final baked bread.