Benefits of flour milling training for managers

"I have found nabim's programme a cost-effective and efficient training tool.  It increases my employees' knowledge and understanding, which helps them both do their job competently and play a full role as part of the team and the business as a whole." 
Steven Britton, Head of Business Improvement, Allied Mills, Manchester
"Not only does this programme provide my employees with up-to-date information about the milling industry's processes and procedures, each one gains from a one-to-one relationship with a nabim-appointed tutor who provides expert guidance, taking a weight from my shoulders."
Andrew Butterwick, Site Manager, EB Bradshaw & Sons Ltd, Driffield
"The learning I gained through the programme helped me progress within the milling industry.  Now I'm finding the same benefit for the employees I enrol as students."
Stephen Greatbatch, Deputy Technical Manager, Whitworth Bros, Selby

Benefits of flour milling training for students

"The comments I get from my tutors have been a tremendous help.  It's great that they don't see anything as a stupid question;  they are always ready to help."
Jeannette Hutchison, Quality Supervisor, Carr's Flour Mills, Kirkcaldy
"This programme has been a great help to me since I entered the milling industry.  The courses are flexible and can easily be accommodated into an already busy life."
Claire Marston, QA & Production Manager, Heygates, Icklingham