UK flour millers are proud of the role they play in society, delivering efficiently produced, high quality safe food for the consumer.

The National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim) is the trade association for the UK and Irish flour milling industry. Our membership encompasses virtually all the commercial flour milling businesses in the UK. Associate members - businesses such as plant breeders, grain merchants, pests control companies, engineers or packaging manufacturers linked with the industry also play an important part in the Association.

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nabim is governed by an Executive Committee which is designed to be representative of member companies. The President is elected at the AGM, normally for a term of two years, along with the Treasurer and Vice President. A number of other committees deal with specific areas of activity and are the main mechanism for discusssion and development of policy.

nabim aims to help its members meet their customers' needs by:

  • Facilitating reliable, sustainable and affordable supplies of wheat and other essential production inputs.
  • Enhancing the skills base within the industry through training programmes and relevant qualifications.
  • Promoting good practice with regard to health and safety.
  • Providing a first point of contact for public or press to seek information regarding flour and milling.
  • Promoting the quality, benefits and safety of flour and bread.
  • Communicating with organisations representing other links in the supply chain.
  • Communicating with and influencing governments and other regulatory authorities to promote the interests of our own industry and of our customers.
  • Providing a suitable environment for discussion of relevant and legitimate topics, both within the industry and with other relevant organisations.
  • Co-ordinating and investing in technical collaboration when this is in the interests of the milling industry and its customers, especially with regard to food safety.
  • Anticipating threats to the industry and helping members deal with these.

Our office at 21 Arlington Street, Green Park - the home of the UK milling industry since 1948.