Events & Publications

nabim produces a number of publications as part of its work on education and to provide information about the flour milling industry. Available publications are listed here. Some can be download as pdf files, others are available to order.  Most are free of charge and where necessary associated costs are indicated.

The UK Flour Milling Industry
An overview of the UK milling industry facts and figures.

Wheat Guide
Designed to give a view on how the flour milling industry sees varieties and guidance on their relative values.  This does not aim to provide agronomic information.

Psocids Leaflet
Leaflet designed to provide information on the prevention and origin of psocids.

nabim Recommended Code of Practice for Mill Intake
Guide for Growers / merchants delivering grain to flour millers.

Translated Milling Terms
Milling terms translated from English to French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Wheat & Flour Testing
A summary of wheat and flour testing undertaken by millers.

nabim Correspondence Course Textbooks
There is one textbook to support each of the seven modules - supplied free when enroling on then correspondence course. Price includes shipping.

Module 1 Safety, Health & Hygiene
Module 2 Wheat & the Screenroom
Module 3 Mill Processes & Performance
Module 4 Product Handling, Storage & Distribution
Module 5 Flour
Module 6 Power and Automation
Module 7 Flour Milling Management

Price: £70 each (discount price for nabim members £45)

£400 per set of 7 seven textbooks (£275 to nabim members)

Please email: if you would like to purchase any of the textbooks.