Where can I buy flour?

Baking has definitely secured its place as a national pastime, with people clearing the shelves of flour, eggs, yeast and sugar during the coronavirus lockdown period. We have always believed in the therapeutic properties of baking, and it seems that you do too!

To meet demand, UK flour millers have been working 24/7 and producing twice as much retail flour as before – up from 2 million bags a week to 4 million. We're running at full capacity yet still struggling to keep up. There is plenty of flour available in the UK, we just can’t pack it in small bags quickly enough for all the new-found homebakers at the moment.

So, as well as continuing to offer the small bags as usual in shops and supermarkets; we have drawn up a directory of outlets that are selling commercial-sized bags of flour to the public – anything from 4kg bags to 32kg sacks! Our aim is for everyone who wants to bake at home to have access to affordable flour! Type in your postcode below to find your closest outlets along with websites that are able to offer delivery services.