Varieties Working Group

The nabim Varieties Working Group (VWG) tests the quality characteristics of wheat varieties that are entered into National List and Recommnded List trials (see 'Wheat Varieties' for more information on these lists).  This involves milling samples of wheat and testing the flour and eventually the bread.

Who sits on the group?

The Group consists of six milling companies (all nabim members) and an associate member company involved in cereals and baking research. 

What does the group do?

The different companies test varieties with a range of milling and baking systems, providing a thorough assessment of the candidate.  The data is collated and analysed and a meeting is held to discuss each candidate variety before a nabim grouping is recommended (see 'Wheat Varieties' for more information on nabim Groups, or download a copy of the latest nabim Wheat Guide).

The work of the VWG helps to ensure that milling varieties joining the Recommended List have the quality characteristics needed by UK millers and will produce flours that meet the needs of UK bakers.

The VWG operates under a system of continuous improvement and has recently updated the testing parameters to more closely reflect current quality requirements. The presentation of data has also been updated to make assessment easier for group members and breeders to follow, and the group is developing a system that will assign values to qualitative data, allowing greater comparison of varietal performance across years.