Virtual Flour Mill

Over the last two years, nabim has built a virtual mill.  Whilst the primary objective has been to provide a new training environment for millers, providing a medium where they can see inside the closed milling process, there is also potential for other uses and for individual companies to build their own 'project rooms' within the virtual mill.

Our virtual mill site currently contains training rooms on purifier, plansifter and roller mill, whilst the ability to ‘walk around’ the mill building from floor to floor will soon be introduced.  Future work is likely to include the design of a laboratory and a packing area.

Three tutorial sessions were held in the virtual mill in early 2018 for our Module 3 students;  students from 5 member companies (7 different sites) were involved and feedback was very positive.

The virtual mill was designed to be used as a sharing and training platform. If you would like to take advantage of this technology in your business, please contanct Nigel Bennett