The Flour Advisory Bureau

Since 1956, the Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB) has been providing information on all matters relating to flour and bread in the UK to the public, media, schools, health professionals, and the catering, retailing and baking trades. Focus is placed on promoting the variety, versatility, vitality and nutritional value of bread.

FAB is also keen to encourage people to eat more bread as part of a healthy, balanced diet so it communicates bread's nutritional merits through a range of activities and aims to show the positive contribution bread makes to the UK diet.

Priority is placed on helping to educate consumers in relation to allergy and intolerance. Given the limited definitive research in this area there is a lot of consumer misunderstanding, so time is taken to separate fact from the fiction.

Across all FAB's various activities, partnerships are established with authorities in the field and work is undertaken with a wide range of experts to ensure information given is consistent, accurate and based on sound science.

FAB, in conjunction with the Home Grown Cereals Authority (now AHDB), established in 2001 which develops and distributes free, non-branded curriculum linked educational materials suitable for all ages and all areas of the UK. Topics covered include wheat production and storage; milling; baking; food production; nutrition; business and retail; and cooking skills. The materials include interactive white board activities; film clips demonstrating cooking skills and food production; podcasts; student worksheets; teacher information sheets; recipes and games. The resources also feature extension activities suited to after school clubs and even children's parties at home. For more information see

The Flour Advisory Bureau website contains information on health and nutrition including weight loss and weight management eating systems; current news stories; a range of recipe and meal ideas; and fun and games for children. For more information see