Flour & Bread Consumption

About 60% of flour produced in the UK is used in the manufacture of bread products, with the remaining 40% being used in a huge diversity of food products. UK flour consumption reached 74kg per person per year in 2008/9.

Bread is bought by 99% of British households, and the equivalent of nearly 12 million loaves are sold each day. Approximately 75% of the bread we eat is white and sandwiches are thought to account for 50% of overall bread consumption. Average bread purchases are the equivalent of 43 loaves per person per year. According to the government’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey, median bread consumption per person is approximately 90 grammes per day, higher for men (113g) than for women (76g).

Large bakeries, which produce wrapped and sliced bread, account for 80% of UK bread production. In store bakeries produce about 17% of bread, with the remainder accounted for by high street bakeries.