nabim 2019 R&D Seminar


On 21st of November nabim welcomed around 60 people for its annual R&D seminar; the successful day gave an insight on current research and was a great opportunity to network.

The event showcased high level presentations from the likes of Prof Shewry and Prof Halford both from Rothamsted who explored, respectively, the biochemical basis for variation in the water absorption of UK-grown wheat and genome editing for reduced acrylamide-forming potential in wheat. We presented our virtual mill, developed for nabim's distance learning course, and Dr Bolton gave a very relevant presentation on AHDB technical programmes (including goals and enablers) and accessibly to their data. This year, the nutrition topic was on diet and the effect on gut microbiota - presented by BNF's Sara Stanner - and Dr Morris, from NIAB, talked us through nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser applications on milling wheat and the effects on grain protein.

The presentations are available to nabim Members and Associate Members here (please be sure that you are logged in).

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