Fibre February 2020: Part II


Our Fibre February campaign this year had a three-prong approach. We engaged general consumers with a social media campaign, the highlight of which was a Twitter Bake-along competition which gained 50 entries and a 5% increase in followers.

Also on Twitter we targeted health care professionals by partnering with the Association for Registered Nutritionists on one of their Twitter chats. During this one-hour session we gained 25 new followers (all nutritionists) and drove interaction achieving over 150 engagements.

Finally, we developed some fibre-specific education resources with the British Nutrition Foundation  which are being hosted on the Food a Fact of Life website. The relevant pages were viewed 1,500 times and 2,000 resources were downloaded - with more downloads than views it suggests that visitors like what they see and plan to use them in their lessons.

View fibre resources on Food a Fact of Life website.

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