Executive Committee

nabim's Executive Committee has overall responsibility for the management of the Association. Companies with a market share of more than 5% are entitled to appoint a member of the Committee. Other places are reserved for elected representatives of smaller companies and co-opted members. The President and other office holders are automatically members of the Committee.

Office Holders for 2014/15

President: Duncan Monroe
Vice President: Robin Lee
Treasurer: Paul Heygate

Policy Committees report to the Executive Committee on a regular basis. The standing committees and their related activity areas are:

Wheat Committee: Wheat production & supply chain issues
Health and Safety Committee: Health & safety issues in flour mills
Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee (TRAC): Technical, environmental & legislative issues
Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB) Committee: Promotion of bread and flour
Training Committee: Training provision for the industry
Research and Development Committee (R&D): Commissioning & management of industry research
Pre-packed Flour Committee: Retail flour & home-baking
Young Millers Section Committee: Management development