Food Safety

UK millers take great care to ensure that the flour they produce meets all legislative and food safety requirements.  Flour millers do this by:

  • Purchasing wheat only from assured sources, such as Red Tractor or Scottish Quality Crops. ‘Assured’ wheat is grown by farmers who have adopted best practices, kept records of how the crop is grown and are independently audited.
  • Ensuring that any wheat delivered has been stored and transported in accordance with industry codes of practice.
  • Checking every delivery of wheat for any food safety hazards and rejecting wheat which is not suitable.
  • Applying HACCP (hazard analysis, critical control points) systems throughout the milling process to remove all hazardous material.
  • Undertaking in-house and independent monitoring of residues of pesticides, other possible agricultural contaminants and bacteria.

These procedures allow UK flour millers to demonstrate due diligence as food manufacturers and produce consistently safe, nutritious products.