Welcome to the nabim website. nabim is the trade association representing 99% of the UK flour milling industry.

UK flour mills represent the largest market for UK wheat, with a steady demand year-on-year. In 2019 they milled over 5 million tonnes of wheat of which 86% was homegrown.   

UK millers are committed to the role they have to play in improving the performance of the cereals supply chain. Part of the work required is to increasing the understanding of issues affecting different parts of the chain, and communicating each sector's requirements clearly. We hope that this website will be a useful source of information for farmers growing, or interested in growing, milling wheat.

nabim Wheat Guide

Each year, nabim produces a wheat guide which outlines favoured milling wheat varities from the Recommended List. You can download a copy from the bar on the right, or request a printed copy here.

nabim Mill Map

This new feature allows you to find your closest mills to enable you to contact them directly so that you can discuss customer/supplier requirements in detail. Click here to use the mill map.

Wheat testing at mill intake

When wheat arrives at a mill it undergoes testing before it is accepted. Some of the tests are designed to give an understanding the characteristics of the wheat, for example the amount and quality of the protein content. You can find out more about the common standards of wheat testing across UK flour mills in our leaflet which you can download from the right hand side, or link to the wheat testing at mill intake page

Varities Working Group

New wheat varities are important to:

  • increase efficiency across the supply chain - including increasing yields,
  • reduce environmental load and how to
  • improve baking performance.

The Varities Working Group uses evidence-based data and tests the performance of potential new varieties over three seasons. Find out more about the Varities Working Group.


For any other information, please contact Joe Brennan (