Data and information available to members

nabim sends out a range of information and data, some from external sources and some from nabim surveys, on a regular basis.

The data below are available to all full nabim members. Interest Group mailing lists are also available to all members, providing relevant information and updates about the work of nabim.

If you wish to be added to a mailing list, please check with your line manager and contact

nabim member wheat usage and import data (monthly)

These summaries are compiled using nabim member wheat usage and import data, submitted monthly by member companies. 

Milling industry flour production data (quarterly)

These data are produced by AHDB from their cereal usage survey (previously run by Defra). The figures are summarised and analysed by nabim and are sent out on a quarterly basis. nabim commentary accompanies each dataset.

UK wheat, flour and finished goods import and export data (monthly)

These monthly summaries provide intra-EU and extra-EU import and export data of wheat, flour, doughs and bread.

nabim press summary (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

A summary of news coverage relevant to the milling industry, with links to online articles. Sent out each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

British Nutrition Foundation - Emerging Issues and Research (quarterly)

Summaries produced by the BNF which provide an overview of developments in nutrition research and policy.

RASFF food safety alert summary - cereals and bakery products (every Monday)

A summary of food safety alerts from the EU RASFF database, relating to cereals and bakery products.

RASFF food safety alert summary - cocoa products and fruits (every Monday)

A summary of food safety alerts from the EU RASFF database, relating to cocoa and fruit products.

As a reminder, a number of Interest Group mailing lists exist that provide information and updates to members when appropriate. The list of groups can be found below:

nabim Member Interest Groups
Commercial (including Brexit matters)
Customer Focused
Energy & Milling Technology
Food Safety
Flour Technical
Health & Safety
Nutrition & Product PR
Wheat Technical