Advanced Milling Diploma

The Advanced Milling Diploma was developed in response to member companies' belief that nabim should facilitate or provide training significantly beyond the level of the correspondence courses and craft skills certificate, in order to help produce the leading millers of the future. Thus, the aims of the programme include:

  • to provide further scope for the development of millers of the highest potential;
  • to improve the industry's skills base, meeting its changing training needs;
  • to provide a means by which millers may gain a greater technical understanding of flour functionality;
  • to apply advanced theoretical knowledge in practical skills training.

nabim's partners in delivery of the Diploma programme are Campden BRI and the Buhler Training Centre, Switzerland.

To see the Diploma programme's fuller learning objectives, please download the document in the right-hand bar.

Our next Diploma programme is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2020. We will be seeking applications before the end of 2019.